from the airplane over Bariloche
Gutierrez Lake

Futalaufquen Lake
A sneak peek into my sketchbook Patagonia IV. January 2018

This is a scene from my newest, big project, first graphic novel on my own “Vamos a la playa”. Published by Tren En Movimiento ediciones and released march 2108. 
The book is black and white but some drawings are originally painted in watercolors, like this. 

The composer from Uruguay Santiago Tavella, a friend of mine, has a band with his son
 “Los embajadores del buen gusto“ which I really like to hear live. 
This is a drawing of him during their concert at the Theater York in BA june 2015.

Peasan´s assembly in Curuguaty, Paraguay 2013. 
And on the road to them:

Fjorden (Norway) seen from the boat:

Photo: Eduardo Molinari

A comic artist, Jorge Quien, wanted my version of Tarzán for his new publication (2015). 
I always imagined him as a very lonely person.

I met a canadian guy that night of 2015 in a bar of musicians in BA. He came to Argentina to play Polo, the very posh sport of the aristocracy. He was not one of them, he said. He just love horses a dogs. Here´s Pedrito his dog at that night when he cannot sleep because of the noise on the street  and the music out of the bar.

Serie in progress since 2011 about nature and private urbanization of landscape 
on the case of the argentinians atlantic seashore. 
All are watercolour on paper:

EXTRANJERA Watercolour on paper, 150x105 cm. Serie of 5, 2009
Exhibited at the Cultural Centre Borges, Buenos Aires in 2013.

I worked in a shipyard for two years taking secuences of pictures of the daily industrial works 
in a cooperative of 60 men on the Riachuelo coast (Buenos Aires Provinz). 
Under precarious working conditions it was very important for me to rescue in the images the joy 
and optimism of their personalities. These are some of the portraits they wanted to have. 
Watercolour on paper, each 30x30 cm. 2006

Oil on canvas, 2x5mt. Ludwig Museum, Köln, Germany. 2003 
In the context of the exhibition EX ARGENTINA. 
Curated by Alice Creischer and Andreas Siekmann.

 In the room together with TUCUMÁN ARDE.
 In the room behind ETC.

Photo: Oliver Vogel

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