Las desgracias del tiburón The bad luck of sharks

(analogue, direct shot, poliptychon, 2013)

The sharks are the largest fish in the Argentine Sea. Scientifically they are categorized as "top predators" because they are the last link in the food chain. The coast of Mar del Plata is the daily confrontation´s stage between both top predators, continental as well as maritime kind. Human-fishermen hunt down sharks-fishermen. But while sharks fish ecosystematically in order to survive, humans do it in a consum-way to generate wealth. Precarious working conditions, displayed in his bare hands and available technology marks a place in the apparent life´s natural order. Artisanal fishermen of Mar del Plata are like sharks, the last in the food chain of wealth.


(analogue, direct shot, 2002)

Desmontaje de Puerto Madero The removal of the harbour Puerto Madero

I started taking pictures of Puerto Madero and Boca del Riachuelo in 1989 because it was what I had at hand: I grew up there. I photographed by love, to save portraits of the beloved place. An environment that was so familiar to me as strange: rundown architectures, contaminated water, engineering abandoned. To photography was magic, the captures were the marks of the rhythm of my walks and adventures and the setting was unique. It was the discovery of the romantic ruin.
Over time I realized I was portraying social, political and economic mutations of the space. And that they were not dependent on those who inhabitated it and that they were originated in other things rather than love, and much less magic. 
Without intending to I documented the privatization process  of the harbour of Buenos Aires, which is today after all a model for other port privatizations in the country. I went from the aesthetic fascination to assume a political position and to understand photography as a form of activism.
These negatives of mine are the external memory of the old Puerto Madero and they also are documents of the first major private enrichment at the expenses of the public patrimony of the Menem´s era.

My file of the harbour Puerto Madero are rolls of 35mm black and white and color, some of them 6x6, almost all aren´t yet digitalized.

(analogue, direct shot, revelado manual, 1998)

(analogue, direct, 1995)

(analogue, retouched by hand, 2001)
 (analogue 1992)
(analogue, 1997)

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